Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information

If you need to contact us about a general enquiry please email us at 

If you need to contact us about returning your order please use

We do not have a telephone number due to being a small team. Our support email is monitored Monday-Friday, please allow 48 hours for us to respond before contacting us again.


There is a problem with my order (e.g. damaged, wrong item...)

If you have a problem with your order please email the issue to Be sure to include your order number, details about the problem (pictures can speed up the process), and any other relevant information. If we accept that there is an issue of the order we will cover the return postage since this is our fault. If you are just wanting to return your order for other reasons please see below. Please note you have 14 days from the arrival date of your order to flag an issue with your order. After this we apologise but we cannot accept your return. Factory second order returns will be accepted if there is a major fault.

I would like to return my order (no longer want it, doesn't fit...)

We are happy to accept returns for reasons such as those listed above, however since this not our fault the customer will have to pay the return postage fee. We offer detailed sizing charts on every product to ensure they fit so please look refer to these before placing an order to avoid the return postage fee. We advise people to use a service which requires a signature to make sure the product has arrived back safely. This usually costs £4.00-5.00 depending on the item. If you would like to start the return process please email Items must be in the condition they were sent in, including all original tags and packaging. Please note you have 14 days from the arrival date of your order to return the item. After this we apologise but we cannot accept your return




How are your prices so much lower than the high street and other websites?

 We keep our prices low by dealing directly with suppliers, using various outlets such as wholesale. By keeping our team small and online, we avoid many other outgoings that other companies have to consider when pricing their items. This allows us to be competitive and offer you the best price. You may notice some of our listings state the condition as "factory second", please see below for more information on this.

What is a "factory second" item?

We have a small amount of products that have their condition listed as factory seconds. This means we send you a product that may have failed its quality check by the clothing company. For instance there may be a stitching error. These faults are usually only noticeable upon close inspection. 99% of the time the faults are minor as major faults are discarded by the company. If you receive an item from us which has a major fault (e.g. rips, missing button, etc...) we will cover your return postage fees. Selling these items allows us to compete against the usual RRP of items considerably. 

How long does delivery take?

Our delivery time scale is between 1-5 days. Different products take different times to arrive due to them coming from a range of suppliers. For most orders it takes three days for them to arrive. Please note if you are ordering multiple products they may come separately since we deal with different suppliers directly. If your order is not with you within 5 days please contact, and we will assist you. 


My order hasn't arrived yet

Our delivery timescale is 1-5 days so if your order is still within this time scale please wait before contacting us. If your order is taking longer than 5 days please email and they will assist you. Please note if you have ordered multiple items they may come in different packages.


Part of my order is missing

The most likely reason this has happened is your order has been sent in different packages. Since we deal with different suppliers different products take different amounts of time to come. If you receive something within 2 days please then wait an extra 3 days for the rest of your order to arrive. If you're still missing part of your order after this please contact and they will assist you.

I want to order something but my size isn't listed

If a size isn't listed on a product it is usually for one of two reasons. Either the supplier never had that size in the first place so we didn't list it. Or we have ran out of that size so have removed it. Sometimes a mistake may have been made so if you're keen to get a product which hasn't got your size listed, feel free to email, and they can check inventory for you.


Why are some pictures different sizes to the others

Some of our pictures are not consistent as we use our suppliers pictures that they have sent to us. This means we have photos from a range of sources who use pictures which are different sizes and quality. Doing this helps keep our costs down for the customer as it means we do not have to source our own photos through photoshoots. 

My discount code isn't working

If your discount code isn't working it may have expired. Our codes are usually advertised on the home page of the website or on social media such as Instagram so please check the expiry. If you believe this is a mistake please email If your code should have been working at the time and has now expired, we will reactive it for you.


Haven't found what you're looking for?

Email and they can answer any questions you may have for us.